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DoE Visit, 04-OCT-2007
Kevan Hashemi, Brandeis University

website: www.bndhep.net
this talk: www.bndhep.net/ATLAS/DoE_2007/

ATLAS Production Status

Item Quantity Last Year This Year
TCP-VME Interfaces 10 0% 100%
Multiplexers 1000 100% 100%
Drivers 150 100% 100%
BCAMs 1100 90% 100%
Proximity Masks 1500 100% 100%
Proximity Cameras 1500 100% 100%
Azimuthal Sources 500 95% 100%
Patch Panels 200 100% 100%
Inclinometers 50 0% 100%
CSC Cameras 100 0% 80%
CSC Sources 100 0% 80%
Cables 200 km 100% 100%
Shipping 500 boxes 75% 95%
Table: Fraction of Production Effort Completed.

ATLAS Installation Status

Two Big Wheels with cables and DAQ installed.

Small Wheels being assembled on the surface.

All parts for EO Wheels are at CERN.

ATLAS Last Year

(For last year's predictions see here.)

Recalled and corrected all 200 LWDAQ Patch Panels.

Programmed 100 LWDAQ Drivers with final firmware and tested.

Designed double-speed TCP-VME Interface for ATLAS DAQ.

Manufactured 50 Inclinometers.

Manufactured 80 CSC Cameras and 80 CSC Sources.

Greatly improved Rasnik Analysis handling of exceptional images and errors.

Wrote Rasnik Analysis User Manual.

Produced analysis.a, a multi-platform library of analysis routines.

Installed and ran LWDAQ with 2000 devices and 130-m cables in ATLAS cavern.

Assembled 100 additional BCAMs to cover new applications in ATLAS.

ATLAS This Year

Produce, install, and test new double-speed TCP-VME Interfaces.

Produce no-graphics version of LWDAQ software for ATLAS.

Support expanding number of LWDAQ users.

Support expanding number of BCAM users at CERN.

Write user-manual for Boston CCD and Laser (BCAL) instrument.


Joined the LSST Camera Electronics Group in January.

Joined the LSST Camera Control Group in April.

Agreed to build the Camera's Timing and Control Module (TCM).

Wrote TCM Specification, available on our website.

Purchased PC-104 computer modules and other parts for TCM prototype.

Next year, demonstrate a TCM prototype.

Next year, learn to use LabVIEW multi-tasking.

Next year, exercise LabVIEW and TCLTK as control systems for the TCM.


LWDAQ runs well with system of 2000 devices in ATLAS pit.

Expect no major software problems moving to system of 10,000 devices.

Expect no major hardware problems in ATLAS pit.

Applications of LWDAQ and BCAMs in HEP continue to expand:

We support all LWDAQ and BCAM users with:

Joined LSST, responsible for camera's Timing and Control Module.

We will build a TCM prototype next year.