Electromagnetic Derivations: Miscellaneous electromagnetic effects explored.
Lorentz Transformation: A Derivation of the Lorentz transform from first princiles.
Relativistic Collisions: Momentum and kinetic energy in relativistic collisions.
Filter Design Guide: High-pass, low-pass, and band-pass circuits.
Transmission Line Analysis: Speed, distortion, and attenuition in transmission lines.
Measurement Analysis: Our error and precision terminology explained.
Introduction to Electronics: A laboratory course.
Introduction to Calculus: Principles of calculus through examples.


KVAR Energy Controller Report: Results of our experiments with the KVAR Energy Controller.


W9: Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.
ST5: Sales Tax Exempt Purchaser Certificate.
ST2: Massachusetts Tax Exemption Certificate.
IP Addresses: List of laboratory IP addresses.
Laser Printer Install: How to connect to the laser printer from a windows machine.
Conference Call: How to make a conference call on Cisco 7940 phones.
RabbitLink: Instructions for the RabbitLink, Rabbit programming over ethernet adapter.