Polar BCAM Side Head (A2040) Manual

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The Polar BCAM Side Head (A2040) is single image sensor and dual laser driver circuit with two lasers mounted on the printed circuit board. The lasers can be the LDP65001E, DL3147, or any elecrically and mechanically equivalent device. The two lasers we name emit ruby-red light in a rectangular cone. The base of the cone is a tiny light-emitting surface roughly 10 μm by 50 μm. A BCAM is an optical surveying instrument (Brandeis CCD Angle Monitor) consisting of digital cameras and laser diodes acting as optical point sources. The A2040 image sensor is the TC255P. The A2040 provides connection to both lasers and the image sensor through a single twelve-way flex socket.

Figure 1: Black Polar BCAM Side Head (A2040L).

The following versions of the A2040 exist. All varieties of the A2040 will work with any Polar BCAM Head (A2051).

LBlack Polar BCAM Side Head
RBlue Polar BCAM Side Head (mirror image of A2040L)
Table 1: Versions of the Polar BCAM Head (A2040).

The A2040 provides two laser drivers. Each driver takes a common positive voltage and a negative turn-on voltage. The laser drivers on the A2040 are identical to those provided by the Azimuthal BCAM Side Head (A2049). In the A2049 Manual you will find a description of the laser driver circuits, the laser packages, the expected power output, and other application details.

The image sensor connection on the A2040 is identical to that provided by the TCP255P Minimal Head (A2016). See the A2016 Manual for a description of the image sensor geometry and sensor mounting.


Note: All our schematics and Gerber files are distributed for free under the GNU General Public License.


S2040_1: Dual Laser Drivers with CCD Socket


A204001L: For A2040L
A204001R: For A2040R
A204001L_Panel: 3×5 Panels of A204001L
A204001R_Panel: 3×5 Panels of A204001R


A2040L: BOM, PIK, KIT, and Cost for A2040L production
A2040R: BOM, PIK, KIT, and Cost for A2040R production