This site presents and archives the work of the Brandeis University (BND) High Energy Physics (HEP) Department on the ATLAS Muon Detector and its alignment system in the years 1995-2021, as well as the continuing efforts by the department's former employees to support the optical and electronic systems they built while working at Brandeis University. The site is paid for and maintained by Open Source Instruments Inc., a company owned and staffed by former employees of Brandeis University, but otherwise unaffiliated with the University.

Device Catalog: Photographs of devices with links to manuals.
Software: Data acquisition and analysis software.
Electronics: Manuals for and designs for electronic circuits.
Devices: Manuals for and drawings for devices.
Irradiation: Radiation tolerance testing of devices and circuits.
ATLAS: Work on the ATLAS experiment.
LSST: Work on the LSST experiment.
Laboratory: General information about our laboratory and methods.
Pictures: Photographs of projects and people.
Movies: Movies of projects and people.
Temporary: Temporary storage space.
OSI: Open Source Instruments Inc.

Kevan Hashemi, Electrical Engineer
Richard Studley, Electrical Engineer
Jim Bensinger, Professor of Physics