Brandeis University High Energy Physics Laboratory work on the ATLAS experiment at CERN.


2019JINST14P08010: The Rasnik 3-point optical alignment system (AUG-19)
MUON-2008-003: The Optical Alignment System of theATLAS Muon Spectrometer Endcaps (MAR-08)
MUON-2000-026: BCAM Calibration (SEP-00)
MUON-2000-024: The BCAM Camera (SEP-00)
MUON-2000-011: Irradiation of the TC255P CCD by Fast Neutrons Part Two (JUL-99)
MUON-99-011: Brandeis Image Analysis Libraries (Updated Version)
MUON-98-253: Irradiation of the TC255P CCD by Fast Neutrons (SEP-98)
MUON-98-221: ALMY Stability (JAN-98)
MUON-97-202: Pixel CCD RASNIK DAQ (MAY-97)
MUON-97-180: Pixel CCD RASNIK (MAY-97)
MUON-95-092: RASNIK Image Processing with a Steepest Ascent Algorithm (AUG-95)


Linearity Studies of CMOS Image Sensors: Determining if modern CMOS image sensors are suitable for use in future BCAMs. Funded by US ATLAS Summer Undergraduate Program for Exceptional Researchers 2019 grant (AUG-19).
ATLAS NSW Alignment System Study on Inductors: Performance of power inductors in strong magnetic fields (DEC-17).
ATLAS NSW Alignment System Radiation Tolerance: Limits to radiation dose for accurate optical measurements (MAY-16).
Chamber Cables: Cable-installation guidelines for chamber-makers (OCT-02).
BCAM Camera Focus: Discovery of systematic error due to poor focus (NOV-01).
Effect of Ionizing Radiation on TC255P: Results of ionizing radiation test of four BCAMs at Pagure (JAN-01).


Neutron Damage of ATLAS Endcap Alignment CCDs: Account of our measurement of the distribution and magnitude of neutron dose in the ATLAS end cap (OCT-2019, Siena, Italy)
NSW Alignment Commissioning: NSW Commissioning & Slice Test (Muon Week, JUL-2019, CERN)
Neutron Damage of CCDs in ATLAS Endcap: RadSim Working Group Meeting (MAY-2019, CERN)
Data Acquisition for New Small Wheel Alignment: Site Visit by Brookhaven Managers (MAY-2015, Brandeis)
Alignment Electronics for the New Small Wheel: Production Readiness Review (MAR-2015, CERN)
Alignment Electronics for the New Small Wheel: Presentation at New Small Wheel Workshop (JUN-2014, Weizmann)
Performance Studies with Data: Tests of end-cap alignment with collision data and cosmic rays (OCT-2010, BND)
Radiation Detection with Alignment Sensors: Interaction of Background Radiation with Alignment System (NOV-2009, CERN)
Alignment for High Luminosity: Development for ATLAS Upgrade (AUG-2009, CERN)
DoE Site Review, 2008: History of Electronics Shop.
DoE Site Review, 2007: Work done in 2007, projected work in 2008.
End-Cap Alignment Status: (JUN-2007, Christoph Amelung, CERN)
End-Cap Data Acquisition: (MAY-2007, Tufts)
High Precision Optical Instrumentation for Large Structure Position Monitoring: (SEP-2006, SLAC).
DoE Site Review, 2006: Work done in 2006, projected work in 2007.
End-Cap Alignment Data Acquisition: Introduction to Acquisifer Tool. (FEB-2005, Ringberg).
Radiation Tolerance of End-Cap Alignment Electronics: Account of pre-production radiation tests (JAN-2003, Harvard).
Electronics Production Readiness Review:Combined design review and PRR (JAN-2003, Harvard).
End-Cap Alignment Production Readiness Review:PRR of BCAMs and Alignment Bars (JAN-2003, Brandeis).
End-Cap Alignment Data Acquisition Electronics: LWDAQ in ATLAS (OCT-2002, CERN).
How Much Meat for Dinner?: Critique of ATLAS radiation tolerance criteria (JUN-2001, Gaeta).
Thermal Gradients: The effect upon optical alignment of thermal gradients in air (FEB-2000, CERN).
BCAL Apparent Laser Curvature: Apparent curvature of laser beams (SEP-1998, CERN).
Rasnik Depth of Field: Balancing focus and diffraction to maximize depth of field (SEP-1997, Cetraro).
DoE Site Review, 2005: Work done in 2005, projected work in 2006.


Alignment Devices: Alignment devices used in ATLAS and other experiments.
Irradiation: Radiation testing of electronic circuits for ATLAS and other experiments.
End-Cap Alignment Commissioning: Status of commissioning, Christoph Amelung.
ARAMyS: Alignment Reconstruction Program, Christoph Amelung.


Device Labels: Identifying labels for ATLAS devices.
Photographs: Photographs of ATLAS system.
Movies: Movies of ATLAS system.