Long-Wire Data Acquisition
LWDAQ User Manual
LWDAQ Cable-Making Manual


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A2016: TC255P Minimal Head A2033: Proximity Camera Head A2036: Inplane Sensor Head
A2037: LWDAQ Driver A2039: LWDAQ Union A2040: Polar BCAM Side Head
A2041: Nine-LED Array A2044: Bar Head A2045: Proximity Mask Head
A2046: LWDAQ Multiplexer A2047: Proximity Camera Head A2048: Azimuthal BCAM Head
A2049: Azimuthal BCAM Side Head A2050: Quad Laser Head A2051: Polar BCAM Head
A2052: Inplane Mask Head A2053: Resistive Sensor Head A2056: Camera Head
A2057: Input-Output Head A2058: Repeater A2059: Patch Panel
A2060: Programmable Logic Head A2061: KAF-0400 Head A2062: Laser Pointer
A2063: KAF-0400 Sensor Head A2064: TCPIP-VME Interface A2065: Inclinometer Head
A2066: Inclinometer Sensor Head A2070: TC237B Minimal Head A2071: LWDAQ Driver
A2072: Dual Rasnik Head A2073: Five-Way Switch A2074: Laser Head
A2075: Camera Head A2076: ICX424 Minimal Head A2077: Six-Way Cable Union
A2078: Fourteen-Way Switch A2079: LED Head A2080: Contact Injector
A2081: Multi-Purpose Device A2082: Bar Head A2083: BCAM Head
A2084: Six-Way Repeater A2085: Fourteen-Way Multiplexer A2086: D-BCAM Head
A2087: TCPIP-VME Interface A2088: Various PMT Circuits A2089: Fiber Positioning Circuits


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