Camera Control Nodes

Camera Electronics Workshop
30 January, 2008

Kevan Hashemi
Brandeis University

With notes from:
Eric Aubourg
APC-Paris 7

PDF Version
Account of ELS Work

System Architecture

Figure: The Camera Control System.

Master controls nodes over CAT-5 Ethernet.

Example Nodes

Possible Input-Output Formats:

The Timing and Control Module:

Reference Design

The CCS group proposes:

Figure: Our PC104 Embedded Linux System.

Demonstration in Paris

Eric Aubourg and Laurent Guglielmi of APC-Paris 7 (IN2P3+) tried:


Demonstration in Boston

Kevan Hashemi of Brandeis University tried:


Figure: Minimum Output Bit Period.


Recommend: VMWare for development.

Recommand: Block moves or drivers written in assembler.

Recommend: Thorough destructive testing of Off-the-shelf boards.

Suggest: PC104-format custom-made IO boards for speed and reliability.

Re-Examination of CCS Architecture

Move PC104s Outside Camera

Reduce Cables: Old-Fasioned Way

Reduce Cables: New-Fangled Way

TCPIP-Parallel Converter

The RCM4200:


With Linux computers in Camera:

With Linux computers out of Camera: