Electronics Shop Part Numbers

Assembly NumberNameDescriptionStatus
A2087TCPIP-VME InterfaceControls drivers in VME crate, LWDAQ Relay.available
A2086D-BCAM Main BoardControls four lasers and two ICX424 image sensors, LWDAQ Device.available
A2085Fourteen-Way MultiplexerLWDAQ Multiplexer with fourteen branch sockets.available
A2084Six-Way Patch PanelSix independent LWDAQ Repeaters.available
A2083N-BCAM HeadOne IXC424, two lasersavailable
A2082Bar HeadFour IXC424, four LED arrays, four RTDsavailable
A2081Multi-Purpose DeviceDigital and analog input and output with logic.available
A2080Light InjectorPower switching for thirty-six LEDs.available
A2079LED MountMounting board LED and power resistoravailable
A2078Fourteen-Way SwitchFourteen 15-V power switches, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2077Six-Way Cable UnionAllows six pairs of LWDAQ cables to be joinedavailable
A2076ICX424 Minimal HeadHolds one ICX424 image sensoravailable
A2075Camera HeadControls one ICX424 image sensor, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2074Dual Laser HeadOne or two drivers for TO-18 lasersavailable
A2073Five-Way SwitchFive 15-V power switches, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2072Dual Rasnik HeadDual image sensors and LED arrays, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2071LWDAQ DriverProvides eight sockets, LWDAQ Driveravailable
A2070TC237B Minimal HeadHolds TC237B or TC236P image sensoravailable
A2069Teaching CircuitsVarious layout training circuitsunavailable
A2068CMOS Sensor HeadHolds CMOS image sensorabandoned
A2067CMOS Camera HeadControls CMOS image sensor, LWDAQ Deviceabandoned
A2066Inclinometer Sensor HeadHolds bubble level sensoravailable
A2065Inclinometer HeadControls bubble level, LWDAQ deviceavailable
A2064TCPIP-VME InterfaceControls drivers in VME crate, LWDAQ Relayavailable
A2063KAF-0401E Sensor HeadHolds KAF-0400 series image sensorsavailable
A2062Laser Pointer SupplyRechargeable battery power, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2061KAF-0401E HeadControls KAF-0401E image sensor, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2060Programmable HeadGeneral-purpose logic with breadboard area, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2059Six-Way Patch PanelSix LWDAQ Repeatersavailable
A2058RepeaterSingle repeater, LWDAQ Repeateravailable
A2057Input-Output HeadGeneral-purpose input-output, LWDAQ deviceavailable
A2056Camera HeadControls TC255P image sensor, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2055Ethernet AdaptorPiggy-back board for A2037Eavailable
A2054Flow Sensor HeadHolds RTD for gas flow measurementobsolete
A2053RTD HeadControls ten RTD sensors, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2052Inplane Mask HeadProvides one LED array, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2051BCAM HeadControls two TC255Ps and four lasers, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2050Quad Laser HeadDrives four TO-18 lasers, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2049BCAM Side HeadDrives two TO-18 lasersavailable
A2048BCAM HeadControls one TC255P and two TO-18 lasers, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2047Proximity Camera HeadControls one TC255P, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2046LWDAQ MultiplexerProvides ten sockets, LWDAQ multiplexeravailable
A2045Proximity Mask HeadProvides one LED array, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2044Bar HeadControls two TC255P, two LED arrays, four RTDs, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2043LED ArrayDrives one LED array, LWDAQ Deviceabandoned
A2042CAT-5 TesterTests CAT-5 and LWDAQ cablesabandoned
A2041LED ArrayHolds nine LEDsavailable
A2040BCAM Side HeadHolds one TC255P and drives two TO-18 lasersavailable
A2039RJ-45 UnionJoins LWDAQ cablesavailable
A2038BCAM HeadControls two TC255P and four TO-18 lasers, LWDAQ Deviceobsolete
A2037LWDAQ DriverProvides eight sockets, LWDAQ Driveravailable
A2036Inplane Sensor HeadControls one TC255P, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2035Receiver TemplateTemplate layout for LWDAQ Devicesabandoned
A2034Inplane Mask HeadProvides one LED arrayavailable
A2033Proximity Camera HeadControls one TC255P, LWDAQ Deviceavailable
A2032176-Pin TQFP HolderAdaptor for TQFP packageunavailable
A2031Device DriverProvides ten sockets, LWDAQ Driverobsolete
A2030Device MultiplexerProvides twelve sockets, LWDAQ Multiplexerobsolete
A2029TC255P HeadControls one TC255P, LWDAQ Deviceobsolete
A2028Nine-LED HeadHolds one nine-LED arrayobsolete
A2016TC255P Minimal HeadHolds one TC255Pavailable
A2101TCM PrototypeTCPIP to RCM Interfaceavailable
A2100ADC TesterControls two ADCsavailable