Optical Fiber

Multi-Mode Fiber Sources: Performance of multi-mode mode fiber tips as BCAM sources.

Single-Mode Fiber Sources: Performance of single mode fiber tips as BCAM sources.

Jumper Assembly: How to make fiber-optic jumper cables with FC termination.

Machine Polish: Guide to polishing fibers with our CTC polishing machine.

Light Pipe Sources: Performance of plastic light pipe tips as BCAM sources.

Pigtailed LEDs: Attaching optical fibers and light pipes to LEDs.

Fiber Tapering Machine: A machine capable of stretching optical fibers to form tapers.

LGT Alignment: Light pipes used to monitor deformations of the Long Guide Tube.

Luxeon Z Efficiency: Measurements of optical power output for various colors of Luxeon Z bare-die light-emitting diodes.

Luxeon Z Injected Power: Power injected into optical fibers by Luxeon Z light-emitting diodes.

Luxeon Z Exposure Time: BCAM exposure times for the deep red Luxeon Z light-emitting diode.

Fiber Irradiation Decay Constant: Wavelength dependence of the darkening of optical fiber in ionizing radiation.

Kevan Hashemi
Physics Department
Brandeis University